Thuong Ho

Software Engineer  |  Civic Hacker  |  Adventurer

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About me

I’m a Full-Stack Software Engineer currently located in the Bay Area. I started off with Ruby and then found the love of my life in JavaScript. Now I love all things JS from front to back.

In my free time, I like to play with new frameworks and technologies. At times, when I am not burning the midnight oil and hacking on a project, you can find me exploring the bay to find my balance.

My Skills

HTML5 / CSS3 / Sass / Bootstrap


JavaScript / AngularJS / Ionic / Node.js


Ruby / Ruby on Rails / Shell Scripting


MySQL / MongoDB / PostGreSQL / SQLite


My Portfolio

Check out some of my work as well as projects I've collaborated on.

Contact me

San Jose, CA

408 384 8664